Me and Ollie on left and Jack on right
Ollie 8 months old Me with two of my beautiful grandkids :) Jack soon to be 2 years

Welcome to our 29th "The 10K Challenge" Referral Contest !

Contest will run for the month of May 2014.

5 Top Winners!

1st Prize - 1 Ad Coop Share from The Traffic Guru $59.99 Value

2nd Place - 5 Solos from Friday Night List
$35 Value

3rd Place -
$15 Cash

4th Place - $5 Cash

5th Place - $5 Cash

Hope you Win!

Admin referrals DO NOT COUNT ! ! !

Paid to Signup users are disqualified!
(Proof of where your referrals have come from may be required)

* where your referrals came from MUST show in the 'came from' field on your downline page for you to qualify in this contest. (no exceptions)
* you must refer a minimum of 10 active members for you to qualify in this contest.
An active member is one who has had some amount of hits to their affiliate link and/or one who has joined several safelists using your link.

2014-07-30 00:01:14
Member Name Referrals
Helena Perälä17
Angela Porter13
Debbie Penner10
David Smith9
Fiona McCutcheon8
Marion McFadden7
Curtis Siewdass6
Tanya Williams5
Deb Eberle4
chris harris4
ratolojanahary andry4
Karen Karo4
Lisa Gentile4
Bob Hughes3
Felix Dordaa Mahama3
Dick van Kouwen3
Lee Trost3
Fred Vandersteen3
David Hall3
Ryan J3
Karalee Johnson3
Julia Sandvik2
Justin Harris2
Vojko Razdrih2
David Aderinto2
Janeth G. Siemer2
John Dawson2
Bill Straub - Team24k2
Frank Prochilo2
Chris McFarlane2
Peter J Prins2
Daniel Barth2
Mike Passignano2
Randolph Browne2
Vic Agbayani2
Glenn Gabriel1
Darrell Williams1
Juel Daniel1
Christine Brownjohn1
Thomas Taylor1
Bruno Gouveia1
Louie Alvarez1
Liliana Dorton1
Hal Paddock1
eleonora asvou1
Dennis Monroe1
Waldemar Troc1
Lori Seifert1
Akin A Akin1
Peter den Boer1
Peter Scarfo1
Chris Biggs1
Sondra Clayton1
Jim Clayton1
Caroline Sabourin1
Fred Freeman1
Ralph Phillips1
Kimberly Peick1
Louise Cardow1
Ernestine Emery1
Gerty Hattingh1
Devin Hunter1
paramjit singh1
Joseph Randall1
William Hackett 1
Stephanie Hatcher1
Alain Verrier1
Dianne Chittleborough1
Michael's 35MinuteBiz1
Michael Olson1
Donald Jones1
Samantha Delaney1
gode gontuni1
John Harrison1
Adriaan Cronje1
Omar C1
Debra Gaylor1
Mark Hodgetts1
Bruce Tuggle1
tammy flannery1
Meik Pedersen1
Pam Landano1
Fawzi Mahmoud Abdel bagi1
jackie swann1
Travis Best1
Gary Mitchelll1
Phil Schaeffer1
michael stables1
jeanette looman1
Charde Moore1
Charles Lentz1
Steve Derby1
Slavica Popovic1
Michael Stanley1
Eric Skinner1
Ronald Lentz1
basumitra bandyopadhyay1
Rose Paul1
Joe Banks1
Mateus Pare1
Daniel Maftei1
Jim Hipschmidt1
John Dodds1
john worsham1
Daniel Zander1
Courtney Lewis1
Ian Henderson1
Dave Kendrick1
Anita Kenniston1
Antoinette Vosloo1
bernardus sawarsa1
Peter Freemantle1
marie umlor1
geraldina morlino1
Bruno Matle1
Jacky Johanes1
Jordan Wirtz1
Dale Howard1

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