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The 10K Challenge

Want to work 18 hours a day?

If you have all the time in the world, you'll find thousands of offers that claim they will take 3 - 5 hours a day to succeed. Don't be fooled. The only people who are making a good living from most of these are putting in 18 hour days. They've done it so long they've gotten fat, and have serious problems with their eyesight.

Want to try "AUTOMATIC PROFITS" that don't work?

If you don't have time, you can find even more thousands of offers that tell you there is no sponsoring necessary to make a killing, and live the life of your dreams. They'll suck up your precious money up front as an "investment" that's supposed to grow exponentially, or cycle repeatedly, or somehow mysteriously explode into a mega-fortune overnight.

If you are really lucky, you'll get your "investment" back out of it, but that's about all you'll ever get.

What you need is something that's never existed - until now.

You need a simple program that will walk you through making real money online
while helping others rather than extracting their lifeblood, and that you can do after work or in the precious short time the little ones are asleep. In other words, an hour or two tops each day.

The 10K Challenge is a no-nonsense, no fluff program that's
designed to help you extract (what else?) $10,000 a month from solid established online offers, working two hours or less each day.

You'll have either a video or text lesson each day that will take 5 minutes tops.
Then a checklist of work for the day that's designed to take less than an hour.

The 10K Challenge doesn't promise a fortune overnight. In fact, it will be at least 5 weeks before you see any income at all, and 21 levels before your lifestyle starts to change. But Oh My Goodness! Watch out after that!


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We Mean What We Say

Here at the 10K Challenge, we have very different definitions than most systems for many common marketing terms.

Here's a few.

"Join for free" usually means, join for free, and get the very least possible product and service. The moment you are inside they bombard you with emails, popups, and annoying promises and threats, trying to get you make a generous payment to get the "real" program that's hidden behind the upgrade.

At the 10K Challenge, "Join for Free" means you get the whole system completely free, with no strings attached. In fact, there's nothing extra to pay for even if you wanted to!  The 10K Challenge is free forever. You'll be asked to pay to upgrade in the external income streams AFTER you have an active downline who will be paying you. We will not ask you to pay us.

"Work" often means anything but. Click mindlessly when you feel like it while watching TV, and stopping to play with (or shout at) the kids.
I'm afraid at The 10K Challenge, work means focused, uninterupted, hard core work. After all you are starting a business in your free time. We are not just making idle promises to get signups. We are going to train you to make real money.

"Simple" means simple, not mindless. A monkey or a trained parrot could NOT do the work. You'll actually be expected to sign up to things, without a video walk through. We ONLY want people who can actually type their name in a square that says "name" without being shown how.

Oh, and "one time out of pocket expense" actually means you'll have to get out your credit card and make a payment only once. No upsells, no downsells, and no surprises. You'll be spending more money, and this payment will be monthly of course, to increase your leverage, but except for that first very small payment after you have a downline, when you know you'll get it back, it will ALL come from your earnings.

What To Expect Inside

The 10K Challenge is divided into 3 phases.

Phase I - Training. Phase I has 4 levels, and is designed to help you get set up, get connected to your team, and start promoting. You will recieve detailed and specific instructions on how to best use safelists to save you time, and be most effective.

Phase II - Building. Phase II has 18 levels, and will help you build your income streams and downline to the point where you can easily bring in $1,000 a month. That isn't our ultimate goal, but it's enough to move to...

Phase III - Profits. Here's where you'll start bringing significant money home. You'll continue to grow your business until you reach 5 figures a month!

A Few Of the Offers In Your New Porfolio of Income Sources

Below is a PARTIAL list of of the income sources you'll have in your portfolio. The amount across from the offer is your potential income from ONLY ONE referral once they have been in the system four months. You will have specific instructions to get these referrals, and a personal mentor to help you along the way as well. How many active referrals can you get in a month? You do the math. (Remember that in order not to be accused of falses promises, I've listed just under half of the residual income we will be making.)

All In One Profits
Global NPN
Ad Tactics
List Building Maximizer


$226 / month


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